WATCH: Top Republicans showered with boos from Trump victory crowd, prompting jokes from former president

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Two top Republicans likely didn’t get the welcome they expected from the crowd gathered to celebrate former President Donald Trump’s victory in the South Carolina Republican primary on Saturday.

After being recognized by Trump during his speech, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and state GOP chair Drew McKissick were showered with boos that the former president couldn’t even quell.

‘No. No. No. No. Remember —’ Trump said, laughing, as he attempted to quiet the crowd’s disdain for Graham. ‘I love him. He’s a good man,’ he added, telling Graham to come over to the microphone. 

The crowd continued to boo as Graham approached the podium and began to speak. He briefly praised Trump for his victory, and the boos continued, albeit more quietly, as he went back to his spot on the stage.

A few minutes later, Trump recognized McKissick to another round of boos, which appeared to surprise Trump.

‘We have a highly opinionated group of people,’ he said, laughing. ‘I’ll tell you, they turned very positive on you very quickly, Lindsey,’ he added.

McKissick was re-elected party chair last year, but has dealt with waves of infighting in recent years, while Graham still faces sharp criticism from within his party for what some see as him abandoning Trump in the final days of his term following the Jan. 6 protests at the U.S. Capitol, which turned violent.

Graham was one of the earliest elected officials to endorse Trump and has advocated the former president choosing his Senate counterpart, fellow South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, as his vice presidential running mate.

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