Ethereum Soars 40% in Three Weeks to $3,700

Ethereum Soars 40% in Three Weeks to $3,700

Quick Look

Ethereum soars another 6% to surpass $3,700, reaching its highest level since early 2022.
The crypto giant’s total rally exceeds 40% in three weeks, mirroring a broader market revival.
Immediate resistance lies between $3,780 and $3,850, with eyes set on the $4,000 psychological marker.
On-chain data shows strong bullish conviction despite overbought warnings on the technical front.

Ethereum (ETH) has been on a significant rally, capturing the attention of both investors and analysts alike. With a 6% surge past $3,700, Ethereum has surpassed the $3,700 threshold and achieved a new multi-month high at $3,715. This rise constitutes a larger 40% rally over the past three weeks, indicating a broader crypto market revival. The smart contract platform has sustained momentum, remaining above key support levels and setting the stage for further gains.

Ethereum Eyes $4,000, Navigates Resistance

This rally has coincided with Bitcoin’s breakthroughs, suggesting a synchronised market upturn. Ethereum’s pattern of higher highs and higher lows has reignited optimism for a potential surge to record highs. However, the path is laden with resistance, especially between $3,780 and $3,850, which Ethereum must surpass to aim for the coveted $4,000 mark. Despite these challenges, the market sentiment is buoyed by Ethereum’s upgrade roadmap and the resilience of its largest holders amidst recent volatility. Yet, technical indicators warn of overbought conditions, signalling that bulls must cautiously navigate potential short-term pullbacks.

BlackRock ETF Delay Sparks Speculation

The regulatory landscape has seen notable developments, particularly with the SEC’s decision to delay the approval of BlackRock’s spot Ethereum ETF. This decision comes after the regulatory body approved multiple Bitcoin spot ETFs, highlighting the growing institutional interest in cryptocurrency as an asset class. BlackRock’s dominance in the Bitcoin ETF market, with $10 billion in AUM, emphasises the significant impact a similar Ethereum product could have. While the delay aligns with analyst expectations, it introduces a layer of anticipation and speculation about the future regulatory climate for Ethereum and its potential effects on investor sentiment and market dynamics. The SEC has postponed its decision on BlackRock’s spot Ethereum ETF until May 23.

Ethereum’s rally signals a strong revival for the crypto market, supported by solid investor confidence and positive technical indicators. However, its path forward is dotted with resistance levels and regulatory obstacles that could influence its short-term direction. Investors and market observers will closely watch these developments as Ethereum progresses towards new heights.

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