Trending New Meme Coin $PEEN Pumps 335% on DEX Launch, Next Shiba Inu?

Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 – A new meme coin,  $PEEN token, could be the next Shiba Inu after exploding in price by 3x. Meme coins are the hottest sector in crypto right now as speculative retail money pours in – and $PEEN is the latest target in the hunt for outsized alpha returns.

$PEEN makes no bones about being the purest of meme coins. A quick glance at its website shows its adult-themed comic potential. It has shock and humor value by the bucket loads. That’s exactly what you want for a thrusting viral community.

Its no-holds-barred humorous approach is working. In its first 15 minutes of trading the price pumped 335%, from $0.000621 to $0.00271, and there is no indication that the momentum is slowing.

On the popular crypto site DEXScreener, the Ethereum-based $PEEN token is already trending among the top 10 most traded coins. Investors can buy $PEEN on Uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX), but must be sure to search with the token address – 0x676977e752890D2cA0aA6F8d55CC79F9647bE472 – to avoid falling prey to fraudulent imitators.

As the halving cycle propels the bitcoin price ($67,145) towards a new all-time high, there’s everything to play for in the ROI-rich meme coin category.

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1,000x price gain in the frame for new Shiba Inu $PEEN

While Shiba Inu (80%), BONK (13%), Dogwifhat (11%), PEPE (7%) and others, are all again printing green candles today, it is $PEEN that could offer the best ROI for 100x or even 1,000x gains. Everything is possible with meme coins, which is why they attract so much interest and hard cash.

Coming from nowhere, $WIF is listing on Binance and $MYRO on Binance futures. There’s no reason why $PEEN couldn’t be the next meme coin debutant on Binance.

Fair launched with a low market cap of $500,000, the total supply is 800,813,569 tokens and all of them are available for purchase by the crypto-hungry public.

With ample liquidity on hand to be locked soon, DEX trades are seamless and there is no need to worry about rug pulls. Already the market cap has reached $1.49 million on a trading volume of $4 million.

A 3x gain is great, but expectations of much higher returns are bringing in more eager buyers as FOMO surges. Crypto insiders know well that it is the early bird that catches the worm.

There is nothing worse than watching a coin chart go parabolic and wishing you had bought it when you first heard about it. If that’s what you did with Shiba Inu or BONK – although both still have much further to run – then don’t make the same mistake with $PEEN.

The truth is, with such a small cap coin a relatively small allocation could go a long way. Shiba Inu has come from a similarly small market cap to today command a valuation of $24 billion. Since its launch in August 2020, the price of $SHIB has appreciated by 50,028,888%. It could pay even more handsomely to get in now before $PEEN pumps harder.


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Money is pouring into crypto and meme coins like $PEEN will be the biggest crypto gainers

Money is pouring into crypto from Asia and elsewhere. China in particular is where the stock market and real estate sectors are tanking, encouraging investors to buy crypto to inject capital gains into their portfolios.

$PEEN is showing itself to be well-placed to penetrate this current market setup, in which bitcoin is lifting all boats, but with meme coins the top outperformers.

Buyers of $PEEN could be sitting on the biggest meme coin eruption of the year, as the purveyor of an environment where crude humor meets serious gains.

This brand new meme coin claims it is more than a cryptocurrency: “It’s a movement, a statement, and yes, hilarious.” Its creators could be onto something very big.

Vice president of crypto exchange WOO X, Ben Yorke, spoke to Bloomberg about how market participants in this bull market are looking past the exact contours of the brave new world blockchain can usher in. That was the fixation of previous market upturns.

Instead, investors are latching onto something that is, on the face of it, less tangible but in other ways – as a community of individuals with a smart contract in common – more tangible. “Now investors are ignoring those and focusing on what’s really important, the community-driven narrative which are a hallmark of meme coins and decentralization in general,” Yorke explained.

Behind the juvenile humor is the serious business of creating communities for decentralized value transfer

With Yorke’s reasoning in mind, this straight-up meme coin is unlikely to be a flop as it brings a whole new meaning to pumping – and double entendres! Sure, it is juvenile and even puerile, but it is this sort of uniquely irreverent and memorable messaging that can create the brand recognition to set $PEEN apart in a crowded meme coin space.

Instead of fixating on blockchain and where the next killer app is coming from, investors today are laser-focused on where the communities are being created.

After all, there’s nothing meme coin buyers like more than a token that wears its inner teenager on its sleeve.

Elon Musk is known for his dalliance with juvenile toilet humor and he could be the whale that p-r-icks up on the rising phenomena that is $PEEN. Never before have dick jokes been worth so much!

To drive home the point (so to speak), remember Seth from Superbad (Jonah Hill’s character) and his… artistic inclinations? $PEEN is that outrageous, that ad’DICK’tive…

Crude and boisterous hilarity is the absolute essence of $PEEN, providing it with a superb foundation for endless mirth and community engagement – that means big gains for investors who hitch an early ride.

$PEEN token will make the entire cryptoverse sit up and take notice.

Certainly, meme coins are frivolous by nature, but in the final analysis their value lies in the size and vibrancy of the communities they can bring into being.

Those communities are the foundation of future decentralized networks through which billions of dollars of value can flow.

Ultimately, there’s no need to think too hard about why you should buy $PEEN for explosive price growth. Follow the money.

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