WIF Whales Buying SMOG Token in Meme Coin Frenzy, Binance Listing in View After New ATHs

Thursday, March 7th, 2024 – Solana-based meme coin $SMOG’s price powered 60% higher overnight as the Asian buying frenzy continues and rumors of a Binance listing abound.The dragon coin with a monster 35% of total supply being airdropped is firing up. Its price keeps breaking new ground as its parabolic run-up continues. $SMOG token is valued at $0.28 and could soon be trading at $1 if the present rate of appreciation continues. Meme coins are outperforming all other altcoin sectors, and beating bitcoin too, as investors search out tenbagger returns. Rare in the world of stocks, 10x gains are far from a rarity in the meme coin space, as $SMOG’s performance shows.Over the past 24 hours $SMOG was the top gainer overall. It was the third-placed overall gainer among the top 500 coins over a seven-day period and is a top trending coin on various trading sites – it reached No.3 on Dextools for instance. 


And if exchange listing rumors are to be believed, that ‘kill the zero’ moment could come much sooner.

Dogwifhat and $MYRO tokens recently listed on Binance, helping to propel both of them to an all-time high price. Now it looks like the same could be in store for $SMOG.

If it is not Binance then it could be another top tier exchange like OKX or KuCoin for example.

Either way, as the famed trading aphorism would have it, “the trend is your friend”, so don’t fight it at this point – see the 1-hour candles on the $SMOG price chart below:

WIF whales are lining up to buy $SMOG

Interestingly it appears that Dogwifhat whales are leading the charge that’s pushing the $SMOG price higher. In a cheeky move to encourage more WIF whales to join the gold rush, the $SMOG team has set up a Swap WIF for SMOG quest on Zealy. Meanwhile, to get the party started, $SMOG is being airdropped to every WIF wallet. According to the quest page, XP will be allocated based on the dollar value of the $WIF swaps to $SMOG made. In essence then, the more you swap the bigger the XP earnings, which will of course appeal to deep-pocketed WIF whales.Here are the full instructions to earn the XP airdrop points: 

Swap $WIF to $SMOG from Birdeye, Jupiter or another DEX
Before the end of Phase 1 of Airdrop, XP will be allocated based on amount of $WIF swapped to $SMOG
To complete, users must swap $WIF to $SMOG from a DEX
Users must submit a screenshot with the completed transaction
Once completed, users will earn XP allocated based on amount owned

Any whales, or others, with queries can reach out to the team on Telegram or Discord.Mind you, it is not just the WIF crowd that is hoovering up $SMOG. Here is a table of buys valued at over $10k coming in from SOL holders:

$SMOG market valuation shoots past $200 million, but there’s billions of dollars more up for grabs

$SMOG has hit a market cap valuation of $213 million, amassed a staggering 54k token holders in no time, and is now commanding a 24-hour trading volume of almost $7 million. The fully diluted market cap has swollen to $392 million.Still, those achievements notwithstanding, there are probably billions of dollars sitting on the table for investors in the know that have stumbled upon this gem. A 5x price surge to take the token past $1 billion market cap might be just the beginning for this new Shiba Inu. $SHIB has a market cap of $19 billion.The loveable dragon token has caught the eye of Asian buyers in this year of the dragon, but market participants in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions as well as the Americas are not going to be left behind as money floods in from all directions.What’s more, after achieving a new all-time high above $69,000, bitcoin may have entered a period of consolidation, providing investors with an opening to seek out alpha in altcoins, and in particular among the meme coins.$SMOG’s rally has produced a 22,543% gain for early buyers, since it launched on February 7, according to DEX Screener data.$SMOG can currently be bought through decentralized exchanges such as Jupiter. SOL tokens have been flowing out of centralized exchanges into non-custodial wallets as investors look to enter trades in fair launch tokens such as $SMOG, which for now can only be bought on DEXs.New meme coins running on Ethereum are also getting attention. However, some buyers are deterred by the high fees, which at busy times are north of $200 as Ethereum rockets in price. $ETH is currently valued at $3,814 – within spitting distance of $4k, while $SOL is outperforming it, up 7% at $139.95.For sure the hot money is finding a home on the Solana network and SMOG is one of the main beneficiaries.Perhaps even more significant for the longevity of the $SMOG bull run is the way, over the past 48 hours or so, it is outrunning older meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, down 7 and 10% respectively at the start of the US session. 

How to Buy Smog Token and Participate in SMOG Airdrop Campaign?

To take part in the SMOG airdrop prospective participants will need to avail themselves of a Solana-compatible – Phantom is a popular pick.Buyers can then head over to Jupiter DEX or Birdeye to buy $SMOG, using SOL, USDT, or BONK. Investors can also buy directly on the Smog website, where you can buy and stake on the Ethereum chain to claim a 10% discount and earn 42% APY.The full airdrop campaign offering of quests is available on the Zealy platform, where the completion of tasks such as signing up for socials and trading the token will enable holders to boost their airdrop allocation. The community can also win $5,000 worth of $SMOG in the weekly giveaway competition that ends every Friday at 5pm UTC. So there really is all to play for with $SMOG.Participants can also boost their chance of being selected for the Loyal Chosen as part of the gamification aspect of the campaign, where mystery is the order of the day and bonuses and rewards lurk in the dragon’s lair, waiting to be captured.YouTube crypto tipster Jacob Crypto Bury rates $SMOG as one of his top eight meme coins to buy now.

Sign up to the Smog community on X (Twitter), Discord, and Telegram to keep abreast of project developments. As the altcoin season kicks into gear, it is meme coins that are leading the pack and Solana-based variants in particular. 

The marketing lingo talks about ‘one meme coin to rule them all’ and that might be exactly what new holders could be buying into, as $SMOG fulfils its mission to be the next Shiba Inu, Pepe or Bonk.

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