Hong Kong Financial Institutions Eye Ethereum ETFs to Bolster Global Crypto Market Position

In the wake of the successful launch of Bitcoin spot ETFs in the United States, financial institutions in Hong Kong are gearing up to tap into the growing demand for cryptocurrency investment products. 

While Hong Kong opened applications for Bitcoin spot ETFs in December last year, no related products have hit the market yet, leaving Asian investors at the risk of lagging behind their American counterparts. 

In an attempt to bridge this gap, Hong Kong-based institutions are actively preparing to launch spot ETFs for Ethereum. 

The goal is to gain an edge over the United States, solidifying Hong Kong’s position in the global crypto market, as per reports from local media outlets

Bitcoin Spot ETFs See Consistent Inflows

The cumulative net inflow of Bitcoin spot ETFs in the United States surpassed $2.24 billion last week, propelling the price of Bitcoin to reach new all-time highs. 

As per Coinglass data, the total asset under management of Bitcoin ETFs currently stands at $55.34 billion. 

The top three performers in this space are GBTC, IBIT, and FBTC, managing $27.73 billion, $12.97 billion, and $8.35 billion, respectively. 

These figures represent an increase of over 40% compared to mid-January prices.

Taking a cue from the Bitcoin frenzy, two Bitcoin futures ETFs in Hong Kong have also witnessed significant growth. 

The Southern Bitcoin ETF (3066) reached a high of 27.5 yuan, a 2.5-fold increase from its listing price, while the Samsung Bitcoin ETF (3135) peaked at 26.8 yuan, marking a 2.2-fold increase.

Amidst the surge in Bitcoin-related investment products, market attention has turned to the development of Hong Kong’s Bitcoin spot ETF offerings. 

Weng Xiaoqi, CEO of HashKey Exchange and COO of HashKey Group, emphasized the need for Asian investors to have access to local spot ETF products. 

Currently, most of these products are led by European and American institutions, potentially leaving Asian investors at a disadvantage. 

Weng pointed out that a six-month delay in launching spot ETFs in Asia would mean a delayed entry of U.S. capital, leading to higher purchase costs and increased risks of being overshadowed by American capital.

To address this concern, HashKey is collaborating with its partners to expedite the listing of trading products such as Hong Kong spot ETFs and derivatives. 

Hong Kong to Attract Substantial Funds with Spot ETFs

Weng said that Hong Kong, as a well-established global financial center, has the potential to attract substantial funds once Bitcoin spot ETF trading opens, making it a significant player in Asia’s virtual asset market.

Although specific details regarding the listing of the first batch of Bitcoin spot ETFs in Hong Kong are yet to be determined and authorized by the Securities and Futures Commission, it is expected that the initial number of ETFs listed in Hong Kong will be fewer than the 11 authorized in the United States. 

Considering the difference in capital size between the Hong Kong and U.S. markets, concentrated liquidity with limited Bitcoin spot ETF listings would be more beneficial for Hong Kong’s development. 

Weng emphasized that global crypto investors are particularly anticipating the launch of Ethereum spot ETFs, and Hong Kong is actively discussing and preparing for such products. 

If the city state can introduce these offerings earlier than the United States, it has a chance to transition from a follower to a leader in the global crypto market.

Earlier reports indicated that 10 financial institutions in Hong Kong have expressed their intentions to apply for Bitcoin spot ETF launches. 

Harvest Fund, for instance, submitted relevant applications to the Securities and Futures Commission in mid-January, signaling the growing interest in crypto-related investment products in the region.

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