Biggest Solana Airdrop Token Announces Season 1 End Date – Smog SOL Token Giving Away $1m, Price Pumps 28%

Monday, March 18th, 2024 – New Solana meme coin $SMOG ends Season 1 of its airdrop on April 3rd 2024 with a speculated value in the order of $1 million, pushing the price up 28% to $0.2253.To get the free tokens up for grabs in the airdrop there are a multitude of quests to choose from to get going. The $SMOG airdrop rewards are based on the weighting of each individual’s participation in the quests available on Zealy. Only Season 1 is solely based on Zealy participation.Quest can vary from inviting friends to take part in the airdrop to writing comments on the Smog community page at CoinMarketCap, or simply visiting the Smog website. There’s something for everyone to get involved in. Users can even make a video to pump up their quest score, which is measured in XP points. Send the video to TikTok and earn even more XPs. All those new to the $SMOG community still have plenty of time to rack up their XP scores.


Zealy Season 2 to launch on April 4th – buying, holding and swapping $SMOG will juice airdrop rewards 

On-chain activity such as buying and holding has not been factored into the Season 1 airdrop, but that will all be changing in Season 2 which starts on April 4th. In the second season buying and holding $SMOG token will be a particularly prized activity in the airdrop, attracting a higher overall weighting than other quests.To turbo boost the profile of Smog, special attention is being paid in Season 2 to promoting the hashtag #SmogSwap.Most importantly, Season 2 will be awarding XP based on buying, holding and swapping $SMOG since the token launch date – so community members new and old should fill their bags on Birdeye now.Along with the focus on on-chain activity, the Smog Token team will be resetting its Zealy leaderboards to give everyone a new chance to climb to the top. The team will also be introducing brand new Season 2 community questlines, giving the community a level starting point to earn XP during Season 2.

Right now $SMOG is leading the pack of Solana meme coins

Crypto meme coins’ prices continue to explode despite recent corrections for some. Solana-based Dogwifhat is up 24% in the past 24 hours, $MYRO is up 16% but $SMOG is leading the pack of SOL coins today, up 28%.Overall the market capitalization of the meme coin sector is $55.6 billion, up 8.9% over the past 24 hours at the time of writing.Solana is the Layer 1 blockchain that is generating the most attention, as market participants seek out the best opportunities for outsized returns as the first stirrings of altcoin season begin.A large part of the interest in Solana is being fueled by the meme coin launches like Smog that has sent on-chain activity through the roof and the price of Solana up to a price of $207 and a market cap of $91 billion. Excluding stablecoin Tether (USDT), Solana is now the third most valuable coin by market cap. As the $SOL interest keeps building, dragon token $SMOG is in the right place at the right time – its ‘one meme coin to rule them all’ catchline sums up the opportunity it presents.In addition to the airdrop, for which a generous 35% of token supply has been allocated, the team is covering its bets by taking a multichain approach. Shortly after the token fair-launched on DEXs, it bridged to Ethereum, using PortalBridge to help it max out its audience reach.No wonder Smog is on the radar of so many savvy investors. Mike Tha Investor, for instance, has named the Smog token as one of the low-cap Solana coins that his 75k subscribers on YouTube should be taking a look at:

Smog is the Solana meme coin to watch and 102,000 holders agree 

If Mike Tha Investor hasn’t persuaded you to buy, then perhaps some hard cold facts will. DappRadar data shows that Solana is the busiest blockchain in the past seven days when measured by transaction volume. It has recorded 74 million transactions in that time compared to Ethereum’s 1.26 million.Smog is making use of Solana to build out its mystery hidden community of dragon followers as part of its gamification of the airdrop campaign. In a little over a month, $SMOG has achieved a fully diluted market capitalization of $318 million, amassed 102,503 holders, and has a 24-hour trading volume surpassing $1 million in the Raydium liquidity pool, according to Brideye data.While Solana meme coin peer Dogwifhat has seen its price explode, all eyes are now turning to Smog as the one to watch.Debuting on DEXs at a super low price of $0.001419, the dragon-themed meme coin is currently valued at $0.2253, up 15,777%. Buyers in China and elsewhere in Asia are thought to be among the biggest buyers of the coin, perhaps attracted by the Year of the Dragon alignment.As the coin’s traction accelerates, its social media following has continued to quickly swell – the Smog online community has grown to 45.6k on X/Twitter ,18,659 on Telegram, and 13,040 on its Discord server.Meanwhile, there are currently 16,000 airdrop members on Zealy partaking of the quests. Zealy community growth is sure to accelerate as news of the $1 million being distributed in Season 1 of the airdrop spreads and the riches on offer in Season 2 loom large from April 4 onwards. 

Buy and stake Smog for 42% APY, plus a 10% discount and more airdrop points 

Finally, and not to be overlooked, interested parties can buy and stake $SMOG over-the-counter (OTC) through the Smog website. Those investing in this way receive a 10% discount, and can earn an annual percentage yield of 42%. Staking takes place on the Ethereum blockchain.To fully participate in the Smog ecosystem users will need a Solana-compatible wallet such as Phantom.Using SOL, USDT, or BONK tokens, users can buy SMOG via the Jupiter DEX aggregator or Birdeye

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