Sellout Meme Coin Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY) Launches on DEX, Thursday March 21st 10am UTC

Monday, March 18th, 2024 – AI memes coin Scotty the AI is the most eagerly awaited listing of the week – it launches on Uniswap decentralized exchange on Thursday March 21st at 10am UTC.

The latest addition to the cryptoworld of tokens, Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY) raised $10.8 million in two weeks, in a testament to the good sense of the creators of the Scottish Terrier coin, by combining the popular meme coin and AI categories in the body of one living creature.

The sheer speed at which Scotty the AI tokens sold out in presale has got holders salivating. Presale buyers can claim their tokens at the same date and time as the DEX listing, on Thursday at 10am UTC.

Those who were not able to buy in the presale can do so as soon as the listing is live at 10am on Thursday.

$SCOTTY went on sale at an initial price of $0.005 and came out of presale at a 100% premium to that price, at $0.010.

SCOTTY brings meme coins and AI together in a serious endeavor

$SCOTTY is much more than just a furry cuddly best friend. The project is serious about deploying artificial intelligence to tackle security, fraud and risk mitigation.

Beneath that warm fur coat Scotty the AI has a threat-detection AI system that will be working around the clock seven days a week to spot suspicious patterns that could be emerging potential threats or security breaches. With Scotty the AI as your watchdog, crypto’s bad actors will need to be beware.

There will even be a chat feature based on generative AI and the large language models that underpin services such as Open AI’s Chat GPT, Google’s Gemini and Microsoft’s Copilot. It will be called Chat With Scotty.

Also detailed in the whitepaper is the Scotty Swap tool, which will enhance liquidity and accessibility through the application of AI.

Scotty’s swap engine utilizes AI to analyze blockchain data and identify threats before it executes seamless and secure token swap trades. $SCOTTY’s state-of-the-art AI powers mean it can spot suspicious transactions and other on-chain activity to stop fraud dead in its tracks.

In the final stage of the roadmap the team will roll out $SCOTTY’s own proprietary blockchain, in a moment it has dubbed the ‘Blockchain Takeover’.

Not only does Scotty the AI stand out from the crowd with its serious use case design, it is also not a Shiba Inu. It makes a pleasant change to have a new lovable breed to play with – move over DOGE, SHIB and BONK. If you missed out on the stellar returns from those three Shiba Inu inspired coins, Scotty the AI is the one for you.

$SCOTTY Daily News
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Presale has ended, claiming and party day for launch coming SOON!!

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Holders of $SCOTTY token are sitting on a potential goldmine

Scotty the AI’s $SCOTTY token runs on Ethereum so accessibility and interoperability can be taken as given. It’s also a deflationary meme coin, which means its supply decreases over time, thereby adding to the scarcity of the tokens to underpin their value.

Furthermore, through the targeting of the AI, blockchain security and analytics markets, holders of the token are sitting on a potential goldmine.

$SCOTTY total supply is capped at 1,734,567,890. Currently, 501 million $SCOTTY tokens are staked and the per annum reward is estimated at 26%. Rewards are determined based on the share of the staking pool owned and will be distributed over a three-year period.

With its fixed supply, $SCOTTY is a form of digital gold akin to Bitcoin, but with added utility. No tokens are allocated to the team and all liquidity keys are permanently burned in order to better align project and community interests.

According to the whitepaper, after the DEX launch centralized exchange launches will follow, the first of which may be Bitmart.

To buy $SCOTTY at DEX launch make sure your wallet is funded with ETH or USDT before connecting to Uniswap in order to enjoy the best trading experience.

Keep in touch with developments of the Scotty the AI ecosystem by signing up on X/Twitter and Telegram.


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